Best of the Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Best of the Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

If you’re hungry for Grand Canyon River rafting, with loads of white water rapids and lots of miles, this is the Colorado Rafting Trip for you. Aboard your Wilderness River Adventures motor-powered or oar-powered raft, you’ll experience 188 river miles, complete with 67 rated rapids that you can brag about for years to


Starting Point Lees Ferry 
Ending Point Whitmore Wash 
Distance 188 River Miles 
Rapids 67 
Experience Marvel at pristine waterfalls, ancient Indian ruins, and cliff walls raising nearly a mile overhead. You'll be surrounded by wildlife, such as eagles, condors, bighorn sheep coyotes, foxes, and mule deer. 
Bus Transportation From Page, AZ to Lees Ferry at the beginning of your trip, as well as return helicopter transportation from Whitmore Wash to Bar 10 Ranch at its conclusion 
Flight From Bar 10 Ranch to your choice of Page, AZ or Las Vegas, NV
Experienced Guides Our experienced guides do more than help you with this Grand Canyon white water rafting trip. They also do all the cooking and they spice it up with fascinating facts of geology, astronomy, and canyon folklore.
Equipment & Food Sleeping bag, cot, tent, camp chair, waterproof storage for camera and clothes, cup life jackets, all meals on the river, soft drinks, drinking water. 

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Choose from 4 rafting trip presented below. All raft trips travel that same distance on the river and include that same superb services and equipment. All you have to decide is how much time you would like to spend on the Colorado River and leave the rest to us.