Grand Canyon River Rafting Experience

Grand Canyon River Rafting Experience

The Grand Canyon - As Good as it Gets

On your Grand Canyon white water rafting trip you'll experience moments of pure thrill, times of absolute serenity, a feeling of togetherness with your group, and a deep connection with nature - all of which combine to create a truly life-changing experience. You'll learn about the history and geology of the mighty Colorado River. You'll make wonderful new friends and form bonds that can last a lifetime. And you'll do it all under the guidance and experience of the best guides in the business.

Best of Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

If you’re hungry for Grand Canyon River rafting, with loads of white water rapids and lots of miles, this is the Colorado Rafting Trip for you. So relax and enjoy the grandeur of the Grand Canyon on one of our five Best of Grand Canyon Colorado River rafting trips.

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Upper Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Let Wilderness River Adventures show you the Colorado River like you’ve never seen it before on this thrilling 3 ½-day or 5 ½-day trips. On these Grand Canyon rafting expeditions, your journey will take you 86 miles from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch (deep within the Grand Canyon).

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Lower Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Let Wilderness River Adventures be your guide on a 4 ½ and 6 ½-day trips. On these Grand Canyon rafting expeditions, your journey will take you 102 miles from Phantom Ranch—deep within the Grand Canyon—to Bar 10 Ranch. 

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Grand Tradition Rafting Trips

Experience the best of the Grand Canyon-in grand style on our guided 5 ½, 8 ½ and 14 day trips. If you simply can't get enough river rafting, this is the trip for you. Experience it all with over two weeks of Colorado River Adventures, spanning a full 225 miles, including 73 rated rapids, making for a canyon Grand Tour you'll never forget. 

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The Adventure Begins

Each day, you'll wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and the sounds of rushing water mingled with the murmur of sleepy voices echoing through the canyon walls. Breakfast is hot and hearty-or as light as you want. After filling up, the group will form a "bucket line" to help load the gear back on the boats. Then the Colorado River beckons and you're off once again to experience a day of adventure as you continue on your journey onward.

Immersed in Nature

You'll enjoy the spectacular white water rapids and stretches of calm water, encouraging you to relax in the warm sun and enjoy breathtaking scenery. When lunchtime comes, you'll create your sandwiches, grab a cold drink, and relax with a book - or perhaps hike or fish - before shoving off again for an afternoon of surprises.

Settling in for the Night

Late afternoon finds you at camp for the evening. As your crew sets up the camp kitchen, everyone finds their ideal camping spot and sets up their home for the night. You'll relax with a cool drink and hors d' oeuvres and get better acquainted with your fellow river companions, as dinner sizzles on the grill. After a mouthwatering dinner and experiencing a gorgeous canyon sunset, you'll join in the conversation of the group, and listen to the quiet of the canyon as you settle into your sleeping bag under a blanket of stars.

Grand Canyon Dreams Come True

For many of our guests, rafting down the Colorado River though Grand Canyon is the dream of a lifetime. At Wilderness River Adventures, we pride ourselves in being the premier Grand Canyon adventure company—a reputation we’ve earned through unsurpassed guest satisfaction in Grand Canyon raft trips. Unimaginably beautiful scenery, the dramatic contrast of calm waters preceding the thrill of whitewater, spectacular meals and guides that know the Colorado River like none other—all setting the scene for the greatest adventure of your life.