Our Rafts

Our Rafts

Better Rafts Make for Better Trips

Better Rafts Make for Better Trips

Wilderness River Adventures offers two distinct types of rafting adventures – Motor-Powered Rafts and Oar-Powered Rafts. Regardless of which type of river experience you choose, both types of trips allow you to sit back and enjoy the adventure, while our guides navigate the river. If you are looking for active paddling, check out our oar-powered hybrid rafting trips.

Our motor-powered rafts are 15' X 37' neoprene rafts powered by 30 hp 4-stroke environmentally friendly outboard motors. Each boat can accommodate up to 14 passengers and two guides. On our motorized raft trips, we utilize two rafts that can accommodate up to 28 passengers per trip. These rafts give you an opportunity to experience the Grand Canyon and its wonders at a slightly quicker pace than our oar-powered rafts—taking you through some of Colorado River’s biggest and best white water.

On your motorized raft trip through Grand Canyon or Cataract Canyon, you’ll explore miles of rugged and spectacular landscapes, camp out under the stars, and enjoy expertly prepared gourmet meals. Our daily schedules also allow ample time for solitude and reflection in one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

Here is a list of our Motor-Powered Rafting Trips

Each of our 18' oar-powered rafts safely transports up to five passengers, and is usually accompanied by five or six other oar-powered rafts in the group. Powered by the mighty currents of the Colorado River and expertly navigated by your guide, you’ll feel all that the river has to offer as you traverse miles of spectacular canyons, camp out under the stars and enjoy spectacular riverside meals.

Because oar-powered rafts accommodate only four or five guests, people often choose to diversify their trip by riding with new friends each day. You’ll also have the opportunity to be a passenger with a variety of guides, each with a distinctly different personality and unique knowledge of the Colorado River. By late afternoon, all the oar-powered rafts in your group will be nestled on the beach as you settle in for an evening of storytelling, relaxing, and reflecting upon your day.

Here is a list of our Oar-Powered White Water Rafting Trips

Hybrid Option

Our oar-powered “hybrid” raft holds six guests who paddle down the Colorado River, guided by our paddle captain. With our hybrid-rafting trips, each day you’ll have the choice of riding in the paddle raft and putting your paddling skills to the test, or riding as a passenger in one of the other oar-powered rafts accompanying the trip. Paddle rafting is a team effort enjoyed by all and a true rush of adrenaline for the paddlers, as well as onlookers.

Our hybrid option is offered on the following rafting trips

  • 12-Day Oar-Powered Hybrid Trips: Lee’s Ferry to Whitmore Wash – 188 River Miles
  • 5½-Day Oar-Powered Upper Canyon Hybrid Trip: Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch - 88 River Miles
  • 6½-Day Lower Canyon Hybrid Trip: Phantom Ranch to Whitmore Wash - 100 River Miles