Hiking To-From Colorado River

Hiking To-From Colorado River

Hiking Guidelines

NOTE: This strenuous 10-mile hike is only for Upper and Lower Canyon Rafting Trips. 

Depending on the rafting trip you choose, your adventure with Wilderness River Adventures may begin or end with a strenuous 10-mile hike— to or from the Colorado River. A qualified guide will meet the group and guide the hike.

Hiking to Colorado River

You should pack your own food and drink. A large sandwich, several power bars, crackers, cheese and oranges are recommended—and two quarts of electrolyte supplement drink are essential.

Hiking From Colorado River

You will have your food and drink provided by Wilderness River Adventures.

You can NEVER start too early! Proper fitness and preparation are the keys to a successful trip!

Whether you’re hiking to or from the river, your daypack should also be able to accommodate at least three additional quarts of water.

Adjustable hiking poles are helpful for anyone with a prior knee, ankle, or hip history. Ace Wraps are also recommended for prior injuries. Additionally, we recommend bringing along some Tylenol or Advil—just in case.

We recommend trimming toenails prior to hike, to make downhill hiking more comfortable. And, of course, apply sunscreen and wear your hat!

For additional information please refer to the hike-planning section of the National Park Service web page.