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I have wanted to write a review of the wilderness adventure white water rafting trip I took with my family in July 2016. This trip awakened a spiritual awareness that reaffirmed my soul! It gave me direct unity with my family and nature that is beyond words. The experience was total, undeniable and clear that I am in unity with the divine great spirit of GOD. The unbelievable beauty of millions to billions of years the Grand Canyon beholds to the clear reflection in my eight year old's eyes will be a memory I can always access in any time of stress. I am beyond grateful!!!

Thank you to all the guides, Tater, TJ, Chris and Kale.


Amy Tibbitts

This trip was on my "bucket list". My husband and I took our grown children and spouse on this family vacation. The experience was priceless. I chose Wilderness River Adventures based purely on the timing of the trip but did we ever luck out. The raft team was GREAT!! In addition to the rafting, they entertained us with stories of the river and rocks, took us on side trips, and fed us amazing meals. I have only one regret. I wish I had kept a journal of everything that happened each day to help remember. This trip was so filled with events; it is hard to remember what happened each day. Thanks Wilderness River Adventure.

-Candice W.

We chose Wilderness River Adventures because it offered a 4-day rafting trip, which ended up being the perfect length for our three kids. There were so many amazing experiences but floating down the Little Colorado River was one of our favorites. The river guides were amazing—story tellers—chefs—scouts. We recommend it to everyone who can; in fact, one of our friends is taking his daughter this summer. We hope to do the “second half” of the trip in the future, as long as Mr. Kitty could be our guide!

-Stephanie F.

"We took the motorized six-day (five night) trip in June 2014. From the beginning Wilderness River Adventures made us feel like family. The food was unbelievably awesome, the river guides made me feel as if we had been friends for years. I still hear in the morning COFFEEE! A trip of a lifetime."

-Linda L.

"Our trip was a 7-day motorized rafting trip the length of the canyon in June 2014. My wife and I had taken the same trip with Wilderness River Adventures 15 years before and always thought that it would be a wonderful experience for our adult children and nine grandchildren when all of the grandchildren were old enough to participate. Last year was the year. The crew was fantastic. The food and accommodations were as good as my wife and I remembered. And, then, of course we had the canyon, the river, and all of the sites. The crew was very knowledgeable about the geology of the canyon, which was an added dimension for our grand children who soaked up the information like sponges. Our children and grand children all came away saying it was the best experience they ever had. Even my wife has now said that she is prepared to do the trip at least one more time. I hope so."

-Scott W.

"Since I have been home, I have told literally every person I have met how awesome this trip was.  This has included cab drivers, waitresses, friends, family, and anyone else that would listen (including the lady in the grocery line last night).  There are very few things in life that are life changing, this trip, with this company, is one of those items. The word recommend is not expressive enough, if you are considering a trip like this... do it, period. Before we left the canyon, my wife and I have already begun planning our return trip with our two young sons as soon as they are of age (5 and 7 now). I look forward to sharing this experience with my sons in the near future.  To WRA and the crew, thank you for a wonderful experience!  PS - Team Canada dominated Lava Falls!"

-Braden M.

"Our family just finished the June 12-day oar trip down the Colorado River with Wilderness River Adventures, and the guides, Ryan, Lorenzo, Ariel, Steve, Mike, Devon, Amy and "Chango", truly created memories of a lifetime for all of us! The food was superb and kid-friendly (we're talking prime rib one night!), the experience and knowledge of the guides was exceptional, and the stories and geologic history the guides share along the river enhanced the experience immensely. The guides were especially good with our kids, ages 15 and12, from baseball games on beaches, to sand castle contests and talent shows, swimming the small rapids in the Little Colorado, etc.  The kids told us it was their favorite vacation ever (not an easy rating to come by)! It was just a true privilege to be a part of this guide group and unique experience, and they have set the "bar" so high on every level, we will absolutely come back with WRA again. This is one experience you won't want to miss...."

-Pam Y.

"When I was 15 years old I went on an 8-day motor trip with my mom and sister.  I remember it as the best trip I had ever taken.  In June 2012, at the age of 50, I took my wife and two teenage kids on a similar trip with Wilderness River Adventures. It turns out it was more similar than I could have imagined.  I learned from our guides that WRA is actually the same company that I went on 35 years ago (just a name change)!  Our 2012 guides even knew the guides that were on my trip from so long ago.  There is real history and knowledge within WRA.  They do things much the same way as they did. They have found a formula that works. An amazing river, spectacular canyon, and skilled guides with a sincere desire to make the trip as memorable as possible.  Thanks for everything WRA."

-Bruce A.

"I did my first Grand Canyon river trip as a private permitted raft/kayak trip in 2010. As I lifted my kayak out of the river on the last day of that trip I knew I needed to do it again and this time I wanted my family to share this amazing experience. I began researching companies. I was looking for flexibility in forming our own group consisting of rafters and kayakers. I chose WRA and was never disappointed. The office staff was always pleasant and helpful. The guides were great on and off the water. We were a group of 16 hand selected friends and family.  At the end of our 12 day oar trip every member of our group said it was one of the best experiences they had ever had. We all agreed WRA was a big part of that satisfaction. We all plan on doing it again in the near future and agree we will use WRA."

-Chuck L.

"At the end of May we took the eight day Wilderness River Adventures trip down the Grand Canyon with a bunch of friends. The adventure was without a doubt one of the most fascinating experiences of a lifetime! The magnificence of the Grand Canyon with all of its grandeur left an overwhelming spiritual impression on all of us. From the massive canyon walls to the hidden waterfalls, fern grottos and secluded pools to the aqua blue waters of the Little Colorado and Havasu Creek, the scenery was amongst the most beautiful on earth! We called Havasu Creek the new Shan-gri-la! It was absolutely stunning! The WRA staff was fantastic! From booking and greeting us Bonnie and Patty were the best! The river staff catered to our every need and provided both an intriguing history of the area and interesting geological tidbits. Dan was especially awesome! The food had a gourmet flair and was delicious! WRA knows how to do it right! We are already planning our return. The entire experience was breathtaking and powerful!"

-Bruce C.

"Our 8 day motor trip from Lee’s Ferry to Whitmore was an extraordinary wilderness adventure for our family of four. The motor trip is a relaxing way to see lots of magnificent scenery, which changed continually as we progressed down the Colorado. With the gear provided by Wilderness River Adventures, camping was easy and comfortable (even for the females in our family, who were new to camping.) Our guides were friendly and knowledgeable about the river and the canyon, and they were also expert boat-handlers. The hot desert climate was balanced by an occasional splash from the rapids. Our guides found lots of fun stops on the river to eat, camp, relax, hike, swim, and see some unique sites.  The great memories from this trip will stay with our family forever."

-William D.