Recommended Checklist

Recommended Checklist


Guests will be limited to bringing the following items in a day bag or small backpack

Sun Protection (hat, sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm)
Water & Other Drinks
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed
Rain Gear & Other Cold Weather Garments
Food & Snacks
Hard shell cooler will not be allowed
Personal Items: Keys, Wallets, Passports

Don't Bring

Items NOT allowed on Bureau of Reclamation Property

Guns or Ammunition
It is illegal to have in possession firearms on Federal property regardless of concealed carry permit or Law Enforcement officers not on official duty (with family or vacation).
Knives / Utility Tools
Gerber, Leatherman, etc.
Chemical Weapons IE - OC Spray etc.
Metal Grooming Tools
Glass Containers
Alcoholic Beverages
Cigarette Lighter or Matches
Illegal Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia