Littering & Graffiti

Littering & Graffiti

No Littering

Do your part to keep Glen Canyon National Recreation Area clean and free of litter. In an effort to keep our area clean we ask all visitors to pack out all gear and trash.

Visitors are responsible for removing all refuse they generate in the park when they leave. Trash must be picked up and the area left in a clean condition before departure. Visitors are encouraged to come prepared when visiting. All waste generated must be disposed of properly. WRA guides carry receptacles for both refuse and recycling.

All visitors benefit from keeping Glen Canyon NRA clean.

Negative Effects of Littering

  • Litter can cause a whole range of problems for everyone in our communities. Discarded litter can travel throughout the river system, where it can cause harm to the ecosystem and wildlife.
  • Litter can contaminate water sources.
  • Littering damages areas where we live, work and play.

Why we should stop littering?

  • Littering has economic, legal and environmental impacts. Millions are spent on clean-up efforts annually.
  • Individuals can be given high fines if caught littering.
  • Damage to the environment can effect plants and animals as well as cause loss to the local community.


Over three million people visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area every year, and nearly every day words and images drawn, carved, scratched, or painted on rocks are found. Many visitors are not aware that graffiti in National park sites is considered vandalism and is illegal.

Unlike the historic marks left behind by Native Americans or early settlers of the area which date back thousands of years, today’s graffiti leaves a lasting negative impact on the area’s natural and cultural resources. Graffiti has even been found across ancient petroglyphs. The National Park Service and volunteers have begun using a variety of techniques to remove graffiti, but it keeps appearing throughout Glen Canyon NRA. Removing graffiti takes time, attention, and a lot of effort. Depending on the type of graffiti, removal may require brushes and spray bottles, or even grinders and sledge hammers, leaving the rocks discolored and never to look the same.

Help us stop this problem! Don’t leave your mark behind by carving on the rocks, instead make a memory by taking a photograph.