Horseshoe Bend Rafting Experience

Horseshoe Bend Rafting Experience

Tour Highlights:

  • Calm Water Rafting
  • Half and Full Day Trips
  • Petroglyph Beach
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Lee’s Ferry
  • Vermillion Cliffs

The absolute best way to experience the peaceful grandeur of the Colorado River is aboard our half-day Horseshoe Bend Rafting trip. This is a real treat for people of all ages and abilities. It’s calm, beautiful, and inspiring, as you gently float 15 miles down the river, with stops at some of its most awe-inspiring sites.

Half-Day Rafting Trip

See everything and make all the major stops—in just half a day! A great value and a must-add to your next vacation.

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Experience Glen Canyon Like Never Before

Check in at our River Headquarters in Page. Enjoy a motor-coach ride through a tunnel carved through two miles of solid rock. Disembark at the foot of Glen Canyon Dam, with its concrete walls soaring 700 feet above you. Even the walk to your river raft is amazing: look for preserved dinosaur footprints along the way!

Your friendly guide will help you aboard our roomy 32-foot craft. Then sit back and relax as you take in the sights and stories of Glen Canyon. Your first stop is Petroglyph Beach. There you can see the hand-carved images of bighorn sheep and other ancient canyon dwellers, perfectly preserved after 5,000 years! You can also take a dip in the cool river if you like; and there are convenient restrooms, too.

Back aboard your river raft, you’ll float through the iconic Horseshoe Bend, with its towering sandstone walls and crystal-clear waters. Watch for hawks, ospreys, coyotes, and graceful great blue herons.

You’ll raft past Hislop Cave. And you’ll learn about the rich history of the region, the mining culture, and John Doyle Lee. Then your raft trip ends at Lees Ferry, but the fun isn’t over! Even your ride back to the River Headquarters, aboard our air-conditioned motor coach, passes by the breathtaking Vermillion Cliffs, orchards dating from the 1860s, and stone structures from the mining era.

Our Horseshoe Bend Rafting trips are completely family-friendly. They’re available for ages four and up. We even provide the chilled water and lemonade. Book your spot now!

Glen Canyon Map

Glen Canyon Float Trip Map